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What we do?

Enabling growth through Digital Transformation


We work with aspiring business leaders, driven by entrepreneurship and a strong sense of ownership to challenge convention and push the limits. We support businesses in mapping strategies and navigating through digital transformation to boost competitiveness and enable sustainable
Our range of services cover Management Consultancy, Strategic and Digital Transformation. We provide a wide range of solutions revolving around Mobility, e-Commerce, Omni-channel experiences, Big-Data Analytics, Effective Resource Planning, CRM, Shared Service Center implementations, Organizational Design and Health checks.

  • Strategy Management

  • IT Consulting 

  • Digital Transofrmation

  • Family Business Services

How We do it?

Balancing between industry standards and custom requirements

We integrate the breadth of management consulting with engineering proficiency and technology expertise to deliver world-class solutions tailor made for sustainable success. We achieve this through:

  • We work End-to-end, Top-to-Bottom and across the board. We work with clients from the early stages of scoping and inception, throughout development, realization and implementation. With sleeves rolled up we carry out a holistic approach, effectively mapping and engaging stakeholders from Top Management to Foot soldier in an integrative manner to create synergies and long-term results.

  • We help clients unlock potential and build capabilities essential to their development. We also perform the necessary strategic sourcing for solutions that meet requirements and aspirations. Our impartial position allows us to select the best-in-class and most suitable fit for our client needs. Our expertise with first tier service providers allows us to safeguard our client interest throughout and post implementation.

  • We transform businesses and instill long lasting systematic change. We rely on concrete data, fact-finding, process based decision making and proven methodologies. We supply the necessary talent for the duration of our engagement and ensure that results are sustainable post-handover

Family Businesses Consulting Services

Many family enterprises in the Middle East are either going through or expected to face generational transition in the coming few years. With generational transition comes many challenges, some families face indecision or internal conflict.  NEXEL can help develop and implement solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities facing family enterprises.

We help families align their objectives and strategic direction, develop a unified vision, mission, values, structure governance framework to align the interest of the different stakeholder. Develop ownership structure that facilitates smooth transition and business continuity, leadership succession, communication and policy development. Providing clarity and transparency in this process eliminates sources of potential conflict that undermines success and clears the way for stronger competitive advantage, enhanced family harmony, and greater likelihood of long-term enterprise continuity.

We support our clients by providing a range of activities including developing the family governance framework, help in family members development, develop family councils structure, board development, family meeting facilitation, financial
and business strategy, succession planning and business strategy.

Family Governance
Family governance is a framework and rules by which the family members interact with each others as family members, shareholders or employees. These rules help minimize the possibility of future conflict and provide clear boundaries on the roles and responsibilities of family members. 
Many families think that once they have set up the governance they have reached their goals, however, governance is a process and a journey that continues to evolve with generations and has to be reviewed from time to time to take into consideration new challenges by coming generations. 
We believe that family governance and continuity planning are an ongoing process that includes critical decisions as well as careful planning and
preparation in order to successfully transition ownership, leadership and management of the business and the family's assets to the  next
Our extensive experience serving the unique issues and needs of many of family businesses across the region has helped us become trusted advisors for family enterprises concerned with creating the strongest possible future for both business and
We assist client families with Ownership Strategy services such as these:

  • Developing Family governance framework

  • Facilitate discussions and draft the family constitution

  • Develop ownership strategies

  • Creating integrated, long-term ownership plans

  • Defining the role and responsibilities of owners to help family members become responsible owners

  • Designing and facilitating ownership governance forums such as Shareholders Council and Annual Shareholders Meetings

  • Developing and improving shareholder agreements and ownership policies

  • Facilitate discussion and development of dividend policies

  • Developing criteria to select board members, and recruiting and compensating board members

  • Reviewing and recommending ownership structures and models

  • Designing and implementing strategies for transferring ownership

  • Educating, preparing and developing owners

Family Office
As the family grows so will the needs of family members, separating personal wealth from collective family wealth becomes important to avoid potential conflict. We assist client families develop multi-generational wealth strategies that:

  • Understand the family members requirement for administrative support and financial advice

  • Identify the services to be provided by the family office

  • Structure the family office and identify staffing requirements based on services provided

  • Draft policies and procedures and governance rule for the Family office

  • Understand and manage family growth and financial dependence

  • Help families develop plans to grow financial wealth, build family talent and strengthen family unity

Next Generation development and training
We understand that the task of preparing your next generation family members to take the helm of leadership at your family business is not an easy task. Families need to start early helping members to raise their capabilities to be able to take their leadership roles in the future. We work with you to develop customised education programs for your family in collaboration with, professional service firms, associations. These private programs are designed and delivered in cooperation with world renowned executive development professionals and coaches. Audiences benefit from a tailored experience, customised materials and private discussions. To speak with us about private education programs

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